Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Death fight!!

It’s the game of death, with me.

And you’re ready to play, ready to die.

The breath burning your sweat,

the roar rattling your bones,

yet you come to fight,

yet you come to die.

My first swing breaks your jaw,

your mouth bleeding, my eyes gleaming.

The left jab is too fast for you,

you need to learn, to stand up again.

There comes the next, shoulder running miles,

powerful fists swinging, menacing strides along.

When I ducked, and he didn't,

that was last I saw his face.

Next comes the fast one, kicks flying.

Getting me square on the temple.

I get up fast, I don't give up.

It's not going to be an easy one.

The right hook reaches no more than my elbow,

the following slash, just swinging wild.

you need more time to get it right,

there ain't no testing when you fight.

The axe comes crushing on his skull,

the quick jab letting some sweet blood.

The crushing swing hits the solar plexus,

you don't fight with me na pa reflexes.

Three down now, how many more to go.

I'm not tired, I'm ready to plow.

The sweat and the blood and the flesh,

what a strange funny world this is.

This one seems to be more mature,

eyes darting sharp, torso twisting on toes.

Crouching for the kill, the perfect side,

I'm out of breath, blood down to taste.

But I don't give up, I don't quit,

I buy my time dodging the kicks.

A sweep of the feet and he reads it,

but the triple hooks keep him at bay.

I got to think fast, it's a fight.

There's no mistakes, there's no mercy.

What can bring this old leopard down,

to hunt my prey, to play my game.

There are times you need divine touch,

the ones that come deep from your soul.

I leap in the air, swirling on my arm,

my legs now high, I'm upside down.

A lightning twist, pivoting on my palm,

the right foot out, to hit the base,

the kick crosses over his perfect stance,

the leopard is down, smashed on his face.

What a fine fighter he has been

and what a pity he is no more,

tough men are very rare to see,

and they're the most thrilling to beat.

The last man standing, real test of time,

his walk is good enough to frighten many.

The 6 feet 11 mass of flesh stretching,

the crudest form of the devil's messenger.

My pulse quickens, my nerves are burning,

my heart soon overlapping the clock needle.

This thing's dangerous, no room to play,

am I giving up, am I going to die.

Some fight for ego, some fight for revenge,

some fight for truth, and sometimes for peace.

Every fight seems to have a reason,

what am I fighting for, I know.

The searing pain through my chest and neck,

his steel toes writhing like hungry robots,

this can't go on, I won’t stand long,

it is evident, the best will win.

I muster all my strength, one last time,

ready to fight, ready to fall,

a slap with my fingers, to his ears,

a snap on the knee starts the tumble.

I swiftly turn to elbow his nose,

my fists crash down his chiseled chest,

a wild jab, cutting bright red lines,

the blossom of blood across his metallic face.

But the giant rises, lashing back mad,

a full roundhouse to silence his snarl.

But he keeps plucking, an annoying whine,

its getting late, now comes wrap up time.

Our eyes deadlock for a thousandth second,

37 inches from a fiery glare.

I say goodbye to my brave friend,

and prepare to finally rest in peace.

A vertical jump, hips level to the face,

hands stretched out, legs curled to blow.

The right foot shears mightily through the air,

crashes into the jaws, breaking till the neck.

A yeti would have stood up again,

but there he lies, pounds of lifeless flesh.

He has served his purpose, so have I.

it all comes down to this revelation.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Welcome to Tomorrow

Dreams talk of distant lands,

The mind wants to fly so high;

Your past speaks of cherished memories,

And you want to relive it all.

The harsh truth of today is nothing,

To the thunderbolts that await tomorrow;

Every sunrise, every sunset,

Drops of rain, winds brisling your brain;

Reminding that tomorrow morning

Is going to be harder than ever.

Threatening to defeat your inner self,

Attempting to erase your worthiest moments;

Questioning your thoughts all through life,

What’s wrong, what’s right, what’s to be done now.

Lost in a universe of meandering thoughts,

Into this rudderless journey across dangerous seas;

An endless route into the realms of reality,

To discover yourself!! To discover life!!

Reminding you that the dawn to come

Is going to be harder than ever…

A Beautiful Mind

The whole world might laugh at you

But then, just have a beautiful mind,

Your words might fall into deaf ears

your own will never hear any praise,

your skin might never feel a sensual touch

but then, just have a beautiful mind.

When surrounded by deadly foes everyday

Whose souls are darker than the moonless night,

When there is no compassion or kindness

All you need is a beautiful mind.

When your skills are lost in an ocean

And the fireflies of hope barely show the way,

When the rocky seas tear you apart

All you need is a beautiful mind.

When there’s no one to talk with you,

To hold your hand, to share a thought,

When there’s no one who is all yours,

It’s when you should have a beautiful mind.

When the simmering sunshine doesn’t give warmth,

And the silvery moon is too far,

All you need to show the world

Is you still have a beautiful mind.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Success! The elixir of life

Stupefied amidst the ruins

of an un built empire,

an empire built on dreams,

fortresses built on faith,

of rulers untold and

of rules unwritten.

When you see the light,

that’s illuminating the path ahead.

It is not just light,

it’s a kind of luminescence.

One that is emanating from the self,

from the body, from the soul.

It is this warm guiding light,

that is dredging you through untold darkness.

As long as this fire smolders,

the journey of life never ends.

It is this perseverance for perfection

that helps you achieve the ultimate success.

Success is not a word, it’s an experience,

its implication will make you feel:

a feeling of joy, a sense of satisfaction,

a justification of your otherwise meaningless existence.

Even in the darkest alleys,

right through the scariest paths,

the fire in you must burn,

it’s warm glow shearing through the darkness.

The joy of success is the elixir of life,

purely sensational, purely divine!

Stop dragging your feet

through the sands of time.

Start running; or at least walking,

To leave your footprints on this planet.

So that men will come to know,

and speak of your glory even among foe.

for my friends..

Life is a simple stupid vehicle,

And your mind is the foolish driver.

Your mind decides to step on the gas pedal

And you see that your life’s moving very fast.

Your mind decides to hit the brakes and

Your life starts to slow down.

If you accelerate too fast

Your life may go out of control.

If you apply too much brakes

Your life comes to a grinding halt.

Then there are these thing called gears,

They are nothing but your lovely friends;

They make you accelerate in the first,

Pick up some speed through the second,

Overtake the rest with the third, and

Help you show your power with the fourth.

They help you to reach your goals

With the best fuel efficiency possible.

Without the first gear you might not have moved;

Without the final one you might never have reached.

Across the potholes and over the speed breakers,

Life goes on towards its final destination.

But then you hear the old saying,

“Life is a journey, it doesn’t have a destination”.

But the vehicle called life has one,

That is to reach its maximum speed.

Spend your time shifting through the gears

And life will attain its maximum velocity.

the heart.. and the brain

The tide lowers and

The tide rises,

Paths will change and

Positions will differ,

The ocean of changes

Will drown your soul,

Choke your mind and

Strangle your conscience.

It is your brain

That keeps you alive,

It is this machine

That works untiringly,

It has no feelings;

It has no senses;

It has no sadness and

It has no joy,

It takes you through

The ups and downs of life,

Defeating your sorrows and

Defending your heart.

The heart is the weakest

Of your frontiers,

Affected by sadness and

Slowed down by sorrows.

Strengthen your heart and

Enrich your brain,

Lose your conscience and

Save your skin.

sands of time.. a simple start

As the shadows race across

The sands of time,

And the wind shears

Down your face,

The train storms towards

Its final destination,

The mountains and plains

Far in the distance,

These crisscrossing changes

Lead to nowhere,

The journey of life

Never changes its path,

Your destiny is what you have learnt

And what you have earned all along.